• Agroecology

    Principles and strategies for designing sustainable farming systems.

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  • Holistic Management

    Ecologically regenerative, economically viable and socially sound management of grasslands.

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  • Regenerative Agriculture

    Preserves or improves the fertility of the soil, while creating an abundance of food.

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  • Permaculture

    Ecological design modelled from natural ecosystems.

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  • Water Management

    Methods for catching rain water to increase water tables in a changing climate

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Welcome to A Quinta,

A Quinta is a working farm based in the coastal national park in South Western Portugal. The project is all about restoring the land using different ecological methods like regenerative agriculture, holistic animal management, permaculture and water management. We would like to inspire future farmers and anyone else interested in nature and growing food by spreading knowledge through this website, workshops, open days, courses and connections.


About us

What is going on:

  • 11807293_10207577173410911_8557960755875878411_o

    A Reflection

    January 9, 2016
    Two years into the project we have come a long way. Our main focus has been on zones 0 and 1. Zone 0 being a totally off grid ecological living area, with solar panels for power, fresh water from the...
    soil layers

    Soil compaction

    February 8, 2015
    by Dave Edwards  It’s been said that “good farmers understand the value of well-tilled soil…and the dangers of over-tilled ground”. Soil compaction, resulting in what is commonly called a hardpan, has been recognized as a potential limiting factor in crop production...
  • Black and white keyholes

    Zone 1 Garden Establishment

    May 24, 2014
    By Doug Crouch from Treeyo Permaculture Having had the good fortune of being contracted out to create a Permaculture landscape at Herdade de Lage, a 132 HA (325 acre) ranch in Alentejo near Odemira, Portugal, a small group of permies banded...

    Greening the desert

    May 21, 2014
    We all know that there is a lot of land erosion going on in the world. Forests are being cleared for agriculture and wood profits, poorly managed agricultural land is degraded with the usage of poisons and machinery. Resulting in...
  • peoplecircle

    Dragon Dreaming

    May 14, 2014
    Dragon Dreaming is a way of putting creativity and inspiration into projects to make them successful. That can be any kind of project, a small one, like a household recipe or a big project like building an eco community. It’s...
    Ioulou lon the land

    Starting a project – Observation and reading the land

    May 14, 2014
    So here we are. At the end of November 2013 we acquired this beautiful piece of land in Alentejo, Portugal. 132 ha. of overgrazed rolling pastures, woodland, cork oaks, valleys, a small lake, a derelict orange orchard, ruins of buildings and...

Introduction to Permaculture and Deep Ecology. June 9 - 13

Join us on this 5 day course introducing you to a holistic transformation to deep ecological awareness following the principles and pathways of Permaculture and Deep Ecology.

Events in 2016

Events will include open days, intensives on several subjects, including key line, permaculture, regenerative agriculture, equine coaching combined with shamanism and other speciality courses. Please contact us for more information on how to organise an event at A Quinta.

In depth PDC course 2016

A Quinta will host an in depth and inspiring PDC course organised by official permaculture educators bringing you the best learning experience through the land itself and the people.